Catalogue Index

CD-SDL 115 The One Eyed Fiddler
Ben Van Weede, fiddle, viola, whistles, Paul Wilson, voice, fiddle, Appalachian dulcimer, banjo, guitar, accordion
CD-SDL 117 Pianola Jazz
CD-SDL 132 Pianola Ragtime
CD-SDL 219 Antarctica
CD-SDL 220 Great Western In Gloucestershire
CD-SDL 221 Too Much Mustard
CD-SDL 222 Cotswold Characters
CD-SDL 232 Mechanical Music Hall
CD-SDL 234 Parry's Barrel Organ
CD-SDL 243 Change Ringing From St Mary Redcliffe Bristol
CD-SDL 247 Cotswold Craftsmen
CD-SDL 255 Isambard Kingdom Brunel
with Old Pete and John Christie
CD-SDL 262 Spectrum — The Rise to Fame of the Stanshawe (Bristol) Band
The Stanshawe (Bristol) Band conducted by Walter Hargreaves
CD-SDL 266 Staverton Bridge
Sam Richards – voice, whistle, field organ, percussion, Tish Stubbs – voice, field organ, percussion, Paul Wilson – voice, guitar, lute, banjo, percussion
CD-SDL 267 Cotswold Voices
CD-SDL 268 Cotswold Ballads
CD-SDL 271 Pipes, Barrels and Pins
CD-SDL 280 Invitation To North America
CD-SDL 284 Steam and Harness
CD-SDL 285 Memories Of Osborne
CD-SDL 288 Blue Note Jazz Band
CD-SDL 290 Bells of the Cotswolds
CD-SDL 294 Parlour Poetry
Kenneth Williams
CD-SDL 299 South Atlantic Islands
CD-SDL 300 While I Work I Whistle
CD-SDL 301 Down To Earth
CD-SDL 302 Church Bells of Kent
CD-SDL 303 Sublime Harmonie of Victorian Musical Boxes
CD-SDL 304 Gloucestershire Wildlife Tapestry
CD-SDL 309 Kilvert's Diary
Timothy Davies
CD-SDL 310 Change Ringing On Handbells
CD-SDL 312 The Gay 90s
CD-SDL 316 Forest Talk
CD-SDL 322 Geoffrey Woodruff Entertains
CD-SDL 325 Like Waves Against The Sand
The Jing Ying Soloists
CD-SDL 326 The Singing Bowls Of Tibet
Alain Presencer
CD-SDL 327 Enchanted Carols
CD-SDL 328 Conductors Showcase
Sun Life Stanshawe Band
CD-SDL 330 Music From Prinknash Abbey
CD-SDL 331 A Victorian Sunday
CD-SDL 333 Ringing Clear
CD-SDL 334 Cylinder Jazz
CD-SDL 335 Music For the Hammered Dulcimer
CD-SDL 336 I'll Dance Till de Sun Breaks Through
CD-SDL 338 Children’s Singing Games
CD-SDL 340 Music Of The Streets
CD-SDL 341 Carillons Of Scotland
CD-SDL 343 On Kielder Side
Northumbrian small pipes and fiddle
CD-SDL 344 The Roaring Twenties
CD-SDL 345 The Perfect Triangle
Richard Butler, Northumbrian small pipes
CD-SDL 346 The Three Disc Symphonion
CD-SDL 347 Best Of Brass
CD-SDL 348 The Lilting Banshee
Eileen Monger, Celtic Harp, Mike Billinge, Bodhran, Jenny McLeod, Uilleann Pipes, Whistles, George Monger, Hammer Dulcimer
CD-SDL 350 The Wibbly Wobbly Walk
CD-SDL 351 Portrait Of A Concertina
Dave Townsend, English Concertina, Nick Hooper, Guitar
CD-SDL 352 Geoffrey Bush - A Christmas Cantata
Cardiff Polyphonic Choir and Orchestra
CD-SDL 353 Fleur du Jura
Danielle Pauly, Crucianelli and Maugein accordions
CD-SDL 354 Mechanical Opera
CD-SDL 355 Kitten On the Keys
CD-SDL 356 Music From St. Clement Danes
The St. Clement Danes Chorale, Martindale Sidwell, organ, John Wilbraham, trumpet
CD-SDL 358 Keep The Home Fires Burning
CD-SDL 359 Musical Box Dances
CD-SDL 360 Under The Greenwood Tree
The Mellstock Band and Choir
CD-SDL 361 Fill Your Glasses
The Canterbury Clerkes with The London Serpent Trio
CD-SDL 364 Music From The Time Of Richard III
The York Waits
CD-SDL 365 Diversions
The Fairer Sax
CD-SDL 366 A Tapestry Of Carols
Maddy Prior with The Carnival Band
CD-SDL 367 Kurokami
Rie Yanagisawa, koto, shamisen, voice, Clive Bell, shakuhachi, flute
CD-SDL 368 Evening Song
The Jing Ying Soloists
CD-SDL 369 Christmas Chant
The Monks of Prinknash Abbey, The Nuns of Stanbrook Abbey
CD-SDL 370 Whistle Away Your Blues
CD-SDL 371 Christmas Now Is Drawing Near
Sneak's Noyse / The City Waits
CD-SDL 372 Farewell To Lough Neaghe
Bonnie Shaljean, harp and clarsachs
CD-SDL 373 Music From The Time Of The Spanish Armada
The York Waits
CD-SDL 374 Music Of The Hurdy-Gurdy
Nigel Eaton, hurdy-gurdy
CD-SDL 376 Disappearing World
CD-SDL 377 Rags Maulkans and Megh
Viram Jasani, sitar, Gurdev Singh, sarod, Ustad Latif Ahmed Khan, tabla
CD-SDL 378 Church Bells of England
CD-SDL 379 Romantic Guitar Quartets
The English Guitar Quartet
CD-SDL 380 The Golden Years Of Music Hall
CD-SDL 381 The Lighter Side of Fine Arts Brass Ensemble
Bryan Allen, trumpet, Richard Sandland, tuba, Andy Culshaw, trumpet, Stephen Roberts, horn, Simon Hogg, trombone
CD-SDL 382 Pills To Purge Melancholy
Lucie Skeaping, Richard Wistreich, The City Waits
CD-SDL 383 Sing Lustily & With Good Courage
Maddy Prior with The Carnival Band
CD-SDL 384 Rain Forest Dream
Joji Hirota
CD-SDL 385 The Musical Life Of Samuel Pepys
CD-SDL 386 Baroque Guitar Quartets
The English Guitar Quartet
CD-SDL 387 Traditional Arabic Music
CD-SDL 388 Music of the Andes
CD-SDL 389 Spirit of African Sanctus
CD-SDL 390 Papalotl - Transformaciones Exóticas
CD-SDL 391 Traditional Songs Of Scotland
CD-SDL 392 The Theatre Organ
CD-SDL 393 English Country Dances
The Broadside Band
CD-SDL 394 Windsongs: Wind Harps
Roger Winfield
CD-SDL 395 Raisins and Almonds
Lucie Skeaping & The Burning Bush
CD-SDL 396 Vocal Traditions of Bulgaria
CD-SDL 398 Old Christmas Return'd
The York Waits with Richard Wistreich (bass)
CD-SDL 399 Spanish Guitar Quartets
The English Guitar Quartet
CD-SDL 400 English National Songs
The Broadside Band, with John Potter and Lucie Skeaping
CD-SDL 401 Rajasthani Folk Music
Hassan Erraji - Q’Anoon, Oud & Voice
CD-SDL 402 Traditional Songs of England
CD-SDL 403 Spirit of Polynesia
CD-SDL 404 North Indian Vocal Music
Ustad Hafeez Ahmed Khan, Neela Bhagwat
CD-SDL 405 Sea Songs & Shanties
CD-SDL 406 Traditional Songs of Wales (Caneuon Traddodiadol Cymru)
CD-SDL 407 Songs of the Travelling People
CD-SDL 408 Victorian Musical Boxes
CD-SDL 409 Songs & Dances from Shakespeare
Deborah Roberts, soprano, John Potter, tenor
CD-SDL 410 Songs of Thomas Hardy’s Wessex
The Mellstock Band and Singers
CD-SDL 411 Traditional Songs of Ireland
CD-SDL 412 Harp Music of Wales (Cerddoriaeth Telyn Cymru)
CD-SDL 413 Cockney Kings of Music Hall
CD-SDL 414 Spirit of Micronesia
CD-SDL 415 Music for the Arabian Dulcimer & Lute
Hassan Erraji - Q’Anoon, Oud & Voice
CD-SDL 416 Bagpipes of Britain & Ireland
CD-SDL 417 A Celtic Christmas
CD-SDL 418 Spirit of Melanesia
CD-SDL 419 Old English Nursery Rhymes
The Broadside Band
CD-SDL 420 Traditional Dance Music of Ireland
CD-SDL 421 Vocal Traditions of Albania
CD-SDL 422 Compline and Other Chant
The Monks of Prinknash, The Nuns of Stanbrook
CD-SDL 423 Chant and Psalms
The Monks of Prinknash, The Nuns of Stanbrook
CD-SDL 425 English Customs and Traditions
CD-SDL 426 Traditional Songs & Dances of Sardinia
CD-SDL 427 Folk Music of Tibet
CD-SDL 428 Voices of the Wind
Roger Winfield, Aeolian Harps
CD-SDL 429 Carillon Bells of Britain
CD-SDL 430 The Celtic Harp
Robin Huw Bowen, Bonnie Shaljean, Eileen Monger
CD-SDL 431 Cry You Mountains, Cry You Fields
CD-SDL 432 Hardanger Fiddle Music of Norway
Knut Buen, Hardanger Fiddle
CD-SDL 433 Rag Pickings
Fred Van Eps, Olly Oakley etc.
CD-SDL 434 Gloucestershire Characters
CD-SDL 435 George Swinford of Filkins
CD-SDL 436 Pleasures & Treasures - 50 Tracks from 50 Years
CD-SDL 437 Christmas Music Through The Ages - 50 Pieces from 6th to 20th Centuries
CD-SDL 438 Percussion Around The World
CD-SDL 439 For Love Is Lord Of All
CD-SDL 440 Worlds Away
CD-SDL 441 South Moon Riding [Book & CD]
CD-SDL 442 Awake & Join the Cheerful Choir
CD-SDL 443 Songs of the Sea
CD-SDL 444 The Funny Side of Saydisc
CD-SDL 445 Victoriana - Music, Verse & Recollections from the Time of Queen Victoria
CD-SDL 446 Harps, Dulcimers & Hurdy Gurdies - from Great Britain, Ireland, North America, China, Middle East, France, Italy and the Low Countries
CD-SDL 447 Exotica - exotic and strange music and sounds from many Cultures and Island Communities
CD-SDL 448 The Beauty of Bells
CD-SDL 449 Traditional Dance Music of Britain & Ireland
CD-SDL 450 Traditional Songs of Britain & Ireland
CD-SDL 451 Early Hot Jazz & Ragtime
CD-SDL 452 Showcase for Brass
CD-SDL 454 Forest Bathing


Amon Ra

CD-SAR 1 Shostakovich String Quartets
The Dartington String Quartet, Colin Sauer, Malcolm Latchem, Keith Lovell, Michael Evans
CD-SAR 2 Frederick Delius, Sonatas for violin and piano, Légende
David Stone, violin, Allan Schiller, piano
CD-SAR 5 Haydn Sonatas on early pianos
Richard Burnett, Viennese Fortepiano by Michael Rosenberger, c.1798 (Sonatas No. 35 and 41), English Pianoforte by John Broadwood and Son, 1801 (Sonatas No. 60 and 61)
CD-SAR 6 Keyboard Collection
Richard Burnett, historic keyboards
CD-SAR 7 The Romantic Fortepiano
Richard Burnett, fortepiano
CD-SAR 9 Beethoven Violin Sonatas (Vol. 1)
Ralph Holmes, Richard Burnett
CD-SAR 10 Clarinet Collection
Alan Hacker, historic clarinets, Richard Burnett, fortepiano, harpsichord
CD-SAR 11 Music For Two Flutes
Preston's Pocket
CD-SAR 12 Hummel - Violin and Piano Works
Ralph Holmes, violin, Richard Burnett, fortepiano
CD-SAR 13 Schubert Piano Sonatas
Howard Shelley — Fortepiano by Johann Fritz, Vienna c. 1814
CD-SAR 14 English Music of the 18th Century
London Baroque - on original instruments
CD-SAR 15 Beethoven Songs
Ian Partridge, tenor, Richard Burnett, fortepiano
CD-SAR 16 Beethoven Violin Sonatas (Vol. 2)
Ralph Holmes, Richard Burnett
CD-SAR 17 Mozart Clarinet Quintets on original instruments
Alan Hacker, historic clarinet, basset horn, Salomon String Quartet, Lesley Schatzberger, basset horn
CD-SAR 18 Guitar Collection
Nigel North, Historic Guitars, Maggie Cole, Virginals and fortepiano
CD-SAR 19 Flute Collection
Stephen Preston with Lucy Carolan
CD-SAR 20 Music In Miniature
Richard Burnett, Viennese Square Piano
CD-SAR 21 Weber Flute Trio and Sonatas
Stephen Preston, Flute by Koch, Vienna, early 19th C, Jennifer Ward Clarke, Cello, attributed to Dom Nicolo Amati, Bologna c. 1730, Bow by Matthew Coltman after Dodd, Richard Burnett, Fortepiano by Conrad Graf, Vienna 1826
CD-SAR 22 Oboe Collection
Robin Canter with Melvyn Tan (harpsichord), Richard Burnett (fortepianos), Anthony Pleeth (cello) and James Wood (percussion)
CD-SAR 23 Bach Lute Music
Nigel North, Baroque Lute
CD-SAR 24 Josquin des Prez / Pierre de la Rue
The New London Chamber Choir
CD-SAR 25 Mozart Divertimenti
Robin Canter with London Baroque
CD-SAR 26 Beethoven Wind Music
Classical Winds on original instruments
CD-SAR 27 Scarlatti Sonatas
Maggie Cole, harpsichord
CD-SAR 28 John Playford's Popular Tunes
The Broadside Band
CD-SAR 29 In Nomine
CD-SAR 30 Trumpet Collection
The Clarion Ensemble
CD-SAR 31 Mozart Piano Quartets
Richard Burnett, Salomon String Quartet (members)
CD-SAR 32 Gottschalk Piano Music
Richard Burnett, historic pianos
CD-SAR 33 Concord of Sweet Sounds
Lisa Beznosiuk, One keyed boxwood flute, 8 keyed ebony flute, Nigel North, 13 course lute, 6 string guitar
CD-SAR 34 Mozart - Music for Oboe
Robin Canter with London Baroque
CD-SAR 35 Bassoon Collection
Frances Eustace, Dulzian, bassoons
CD-SAR 36 Harp Collection
Frances Kelly, harps
CD-SAR 37 Brahms Clarinet Trio and Sonatas
Alan Hacker, clarinets, JenniferWard Clarke, 'cello, Richard Burnett, pianoforte
CD-SAR 38 Mendelssohn Works for Clarinet & Piano
Alan Hacker (clarinets), Lesley Schatzberger (basset horns), Richard Burnett (pianos)
CD-SAR 41 Schubert - Wintereisse
Ian Partridge, tenor, Richard Burnett, fortepiano
CD-SAR 42 Thomas Arne Instrumental Works
Le Nouveau Quatuor - on original instruments
CD-SAR 43 Carlos Siexas Harpsichord Sonatas
Robert Woolley
CD-SAR 44 C.P.E. Bach Trio Sonatas
Le Nouveau Quatuor — On original instruments (flute, violin, cello and harpsichord)
CD-SAR 45 Masters of the Baroque Guitar
Barry Mason
CD-SAR 46 Elizabethan Christmas Anthems
Red Byrd with The Rose Consort Of Viols
CD-SAR 47 Vivaldi Chamber Concertos
Le Nouveau Quatuor on original instruments, with Andrew Watts Bassoon
CD-SAR 48 Piano Music of John Field
Richard Burnett (with Lorna Fulford) historic pianos
CD-SAR 49 Philippe de Vitry & the Ars Nova
The Orlando Consort
CD-SAR 50 Now What Is Love?
Glenda Simpson, mezzo-soprano, Barry Mason, lute, Baroque guitar & chitarrone
CD-SAR 51 The Field of Cloth of Gold
Musica Antiqua of London
CD-SAR 52 Rare Baroque Flute Concertos
Neil McLaren, flute, The Cambridge Baroque Camerata
CD-SAR 53 Music for Mandolin
CD-SAR 54 Schumann Chamber Works
Richard Burnett, Viennese Graf fortepiano of 1822, Fitzwilliam String Quartet, original instruments
CD-SAR 55 John Dowland’s Lachrimae or Seaven Teares
The Rose Consort of Viols
CD-SAR 56 The Brightest Heaven of Invention
New London Chamber Choir
CD-SAR 57 The Music of Michel Corrette
Le Nouveau Quatuor
CD-SAR 58 The Secret Music of Luzzasco Luzzaschi
Musica Secreta
CD-SAR 59 Worcester Fragments
The Orlando Consort
CD-SAR 60 J. S. Bach, Music For Oboe
Robin Canter, Baroque oboe, Paul Nicholson, harpsichord
CD-SAR 61 Barbara Strozzi — La virtuosissima cantatrice
Musica Secreta, Deborah Roberts (DR) soprano, Suzie le Blanc (SLB) soprano, Mary Nichols (MN) alto, Kasia Elsner (KE) theorbo by Klaus Jokobsen, 1991, after Tieffenbrucker, John Toll (JT) harpsichord by Ransom, London, 1990, after 17th C Italian models
CD-SAR 62 A Golden Treasury of Elizabethan Music
CD-SAR 63 A Golden Treasury of Mediæval Music
Sine Nomine Ensemble for Medieval Music
CD-SAR 64 A Golden Treasury of Historic Pianos
Richard Burnett, historic pianos, with Alan Hacker, clarinets (tracks 5, 13), The Canterbury Clerkes (track 9), Stephen Preston, flute (track 11), Members of The Salomon String Quartet (track 12), Ian Partridge, tenor (track 14)
CD-SAR 65 A Golden Treasury of Renaissance Music
CD-SAR 66 A Golden Treasury of Georgian Music
London Baroque, The Broadside Band, The City Waites
CD-SAR 67 The Romantic Piano
Richard Burnett, historic pianos
CD-SAR 68 A Golden Treasury of Baroque Music
CD-SAR 69 A Golden Treasury of Ancient Instruments
CD-SAR 70 A Golden Treasury of Flute Music
CD-SAR 71 Tranquillo - Tranquil Music on Original Instruments
CD-SAR 72 La Virtuosissima Cantatrice
CD-SAR 73 High Renaissance
CD-SAR 101 Quartet Cameos
The Dartington String Quartet
SBK455 Forest Bathing [Book]

Village Thing

VTS 202 The Sun Also Rises
Graham and Anne Hemingway
VTS 205 An Acoustic Confusion
Steve Tilston
VTS 207 The Complete 'Folker' and 'Frollicks' Albums + 5 bonus tracks
Fred Wedlock
VTS 211 Magic Landscape
Hunt and Turner

Matchbox Bluesmaster Series

MSESET1 Country Blues & Ragtime Blues Guitar
MSESET2 Country Blues & Great Harp Players
MSESET3 Country Blues & Harmonica Kings
MSESET4 Including Texas Alexander Volumes 3 & 4
MSESET5 Including Mississippi Sheiks Volume 1
MSESET6 Including Mississippi Sheiks Volume 2
MSESET7 Songsters & Saints
MSESET8 Big Road Blues
MSESET9 Jack O'Diamonds, Library of Congress Field Recordings
MSESET10 Home Town Skiffle
MSESET11 Black Diamond Express
MSESET12 Blues Like Showers Of Rain - a compendium of the finest British Country Blues Artists
SAY003 Blues From The Avon Delta: The Matchbox Blues Story [Book]